PaK36 sabot bases (15mm)

PaK36 sabot bases (15mm)

Postby Fitz » 14 May 2017

This is a three-part step-by-step walkthrough of how I prepare my magnetic MDF sabot bases, from this:

Image this.


There's probably nothing startling or new to modelers of any experience, but hopefully it will be of interest to someone.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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Re: PaK36 sabot bases (15mm)

Postby Ianwill » 14 May 2017


Great work. Figures and bases look great.


Mr Osato
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Re: PaK36 sabot bases (15mm)

Postby Chris S » 14 May 2017

They re great. Lovely painting. And the base work is also fab'. :good: :thumbsup: :good: :thumbsup: :good:
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