Code Red - Modern Wargaming Rules

Code Red - Modern Wargaming Rules

Postby Black Guardian » 05 Nov 2017


After almost three years of design and playtesting it is time to release the very first playable edition of Code Red to our fellow wargamers.

Code Red is a standalone ruleset for modern wargaming designed to recreate real and hypothetical conflicts after 1945.

These rules have started out as a set of Houserules for a popular Modern Wargaming ruleset to address some of its shortcomings, but have evolved into a unique and distinct set of rules with a special focus on:

  • Command and Control and the role of leaders on the battlefield
  • Morale and Suppression and their effect on units
  • Tactical Depth and interesting decisions facing the player

The rules are designed to provide a level of tactical realism, narrative quality, scaleability and simplicity that makes them easy to learn but hard to master. We´ve been trying to master them for 3 years now and we´re still not there ;)

After more than 3 years of development and testing, we´re confident to provide a challenging and fun game for those of you who want to dive deeper into the logic of modern warfare.

The rules are free - if you want to support the project we´re happy about any feedback, suggestions or questions.
If you´re not sure if the rules strike your interest, you can also read some battle reports at my blog

As a first step on our way to the final release we´re making the simplified QuickStart rules available both in English and German. These documents condense the essential rules for your first experience of Code Red into less than 10 pages.

Of course we had to cut some things from the 90 page full rule set, but we´re confident about the scope of the quickstart rules and we´re hoping they make you look forward to the full ruleset.

We´re planning to release the German version of the full rules in late 2017 to early 2018.
The english translation will follow later and I will make no promises as to when exactly.

We´ve published the rules for free on my website - klicking the banner below will navigate you to the right place to download them for free:
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Re: Code Red - Modern Wargaming Rules

Postby mausmann » 05 Nov 2017

Many thanx, downloaded.... :thumbsup:
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