Juli Releases


Juli Releases

Postby Black Guardian » 18 Jul 2015

Juli releases: Two new sets for US Army.

A support pack containing - AT Specialsits, Marksman and another Leader

And a supplementary Fireteam with a few new poses to mix with the already existing set.


And a few commies for those of you who dont´want to play with the NATO-guys. :grin:

Chinese PLA Riflemen

And Command/Support with AT-Specialist and Leader.

Chinese are preliminary released in this configuration, I´ll add a few more figures and combine them into a single TOE-conform squad later on.
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Re: Juli Releases

Postby Sgt. Scream » 18 Jul 2015

Superb! Hope my intel on PLA did help. :thumbsup:
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Re: Juli Releases

Postby MacGal » 18 Jul 2015

Very cool, especially the chinese.
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Re: Juli Releases

Postby juergen c. olk » 20 Jul 2015

Good stuff especiall y ,the Chinese,w/ their overseas comittments !
juergen c. olk
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