New Releases & Restocks

New Releases & Restocks

Postby Black Guardian » 21 May 2015

Hey folks,

after some silence I´m finally able to show up with some new goodies. Unfortunately I won´t be able to paint them all anytime soon, so some of them will remain with their preview pics for a while.

So let´s start, in no particular order:

Special Forces Team in Light Gear. Suitable for any faction that uses M4s or PMCs.


New generic/eastern Insurgents with AKs!


New Taliban Foreign Fighters (partly suitable for generic Insurgents as well)


And Taliban Leadership to command your forces:


For all of you waiting for the Portugese: The arrival of this shipment means I can finish the last few figures I want to put in the mould - I´ve been waiting for the weapons that accompanied the figures. So I´ll be finishing 2-3 figs throughout the next few days and shipping them off next week I hope.

I also stocked up on some of the sold out sets, everything should be available again.

As always, you can get the figures at

or the short version
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Re: New Releases & Restocks

Postby Earther » 21 May 2015

While it all looks fantastic, the Special Operators and the Eastern Insurgents are the pick of the bunch for me. Time to put a goodly list together I think. :thumbsup:
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