Size Comparison

Size Comparison

Postby Black Guardian » 15 Mar 2015

As people keep asking how Enfilade Figures line up next to other manufacturers miniatures, I picked a few random pairs from the workbench today and took some photos to give you an impression.

Of course these are only a few examples, some figures might deviate a bit more, but the pairings are not set up or anything, I just grabbed a few minis and put them next to each other.

1. Enfilade Figures (left) & Elhiem Figures:


2. Enfilade Figures (left) & Elhiem Figures:


3. Enfilade Figures (right) & Wartime Miniatures


I´ve got Britannia somewhere, but I was too lazy to dig through my collection. Pics will be added when I stumble upon them. :grin:

And a mass picture of all the figures waiting to be varnished where you probably can´t even distinguish which mini is which brand:


Hope this gives you a good impression, if you have specific questions on this topic, feel free to ask!
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Re: Size Comparison

Postby cowboy » 16 Mar 2015

'I was too lazy to dig through my collection' :grin: :grin: :grin: Know the feeling !
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