New Releases & Website Updates

New Releases & Website Updates

Postby Black Guardian » 19 Feb 2015

Hey folks,

some new figures have sneaked into the shop:

New Afghan Fighters with Kalashnikovs...:

...and RPGs:


As well as a small set of Civies:


Unfortunately one of the civies is missing a hand, my first intention was to remould him, then I thought: Missing a hand is not exactly uncommon down there, gritty reality is that many civies are affected by the fighting or even just sharia law. So I left the guy crippled, knowing that this will not suit everyone, but so be it.

The new releases are available at:

Second unfortunate thing is: The stock levels have fallen very low for some articles as my caster is sick with influenza and can´t deliver the planned restock until he´s better.

To make life easier for you, I added a new feature to the webshop: If a product is out of stock you can now enter your email address and click "notify me". Doing this, you´ll get a notification when the product is back in stock!

There were some more administrative upgrades to improve my workflow as well and more stuff is planned for the future - some upgrades will be done with the website online, some of them will require me to take it offline while I fiddle around. If you experience weird stuff or find the site offline, please check back later!

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Re: New Releases & Website Updates

Postby sandsmodels » 19 Feb 2015

looks good, plenty of variety in afghans now available.
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pics of most of the ranges here:-
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