Russian & US Army Sets available

Russian & US Army Sets available

Postby Black Guardian » 20 Jan 2015

Time for the official announcement now that I finished painting them and put the pics into the shop.

New Russian Infantry Set, 7 Soldiers in 2014+ Ratnik combat gear with all the weapons you need for a Motorized Rifle Squad!


And as possible adversaries (or to reinforce your troops on duty in Afghanistan) the expanded set of US Infantry in IOTV body armor, now a full Squad of 9 men:


Stock is a bit low at the moment but more figures will be cast an shipped to me soon!
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Re: Russian & US Army Sets available

Postby MacGal » 05 Feb 2015

Just got my russians. Very cool sculpts, this set is a must-have for everyone out there thinking about fielding ultramodern FR.

They also mix pretty well with elhiem ones.

Also, your sculpting is getting better and better. :good:
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Re: Russian & US Army Sets available

Postby sundaysoldier » 05 Feb 2015

Interesting indeed !

Ultramodern russian is on my list too. Even if probably not in 2015 !
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