New Releases Available

New Releases Available

Postby Black Guardian » 29 Nov 2014

Finally took some photos, and though I am not entirely happy with how the pics turned out they are good enough to go straight into the shop because it won´t get better before I improve my photo equipment or summer returns.
Some of the packs where available earlier without proper announcement and have just received better pics and a proper announcement.

Eastern European Rebels:

Finally, Babai is also available!

New Taliban set

Aaand after a long, long wait, I put together an East German Squad by picking out the better models from my earlier sculpting attempts. They are not up to date concerning quality, but everyone who buys a set will get a few bits and pieces for free, so they should still be a reasonable deal.


Edit: I totally forgot the new SAS with Self Loading Rifles:


Check out the new packs at
More is on the way, hope to release the next packs around christmas!

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Re: New Releases Available

Postby MacGal » 30 Nov 2014

Looking really nice, especially the eastern rebels. Can't wait to et my hands on them.
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Re: New Releases Available

Postby fanai » 30 Nov 2014

Love the SAS with SLR's
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Re: New Releases Available

Postby Earther » 01 Dec 2014

Great releases! All looking good! :thumbsup:
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