New Releases - SADF, Rebels, Cold War SAS

New Releases - SADF, Rebels, Cold War SAS

Postby Black Guardian » 31 Aug 2014

Hey folks,

after a looong delay I´ve finally received the long awaited package last week and frantically painted them up to prepare the final release.

As of now, the following new sets are available:

-SADF Section with FN FALs
-African Rebels with AK
-African Rebels with Support Weapons-
-Cold War SAS with M16
-African Dictator with Body Guard

I also put some new Taliban into the shop without a proper announcement a while ago, so:
-Taliban with mixed Weapons

Some impressions of the new releases:




Check them out at and fill the shopping cart :grin:

PS: SADF and Taliban are in very short supply at the moment but replenishment is already being organised, should be with me soon. The shop will prevent you from ordering if the stock hits 0 - for now, it´s first come, first serve!
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Re: New Releases - SADF, Rebels, Cold War SAS

Postby JUERGENC.OLK » 01 Sep 2014

Great job! Tha SADF troops are especially welcomed!
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