Building your force around a historical counterpart

Building your force around a historical counterpart

Postby kustenjaeger » 15 Jul 2017


I am slowly collecting a 20mm French 1940 force primarily for BG.

I decided if I was going to do this to use figures I had already - mainly FAA figures off a bring and buy from years ago. I also wanted something reasonably flexible.

After trawling around I decided to base my force around elements of 10e cp, 51e Regiment d’Infanterie of 3e DIM - 3rd Motorised Infantry Division - (see ... orisee.php). Taking operations at Stonne as an example this allows the infantry to be supported by their own GRDI recon, artillery, engineers etc. plus get the benefit of support from (for example) H39s of 3e DLM.

To build a historical 3e D.I.M motorised infantry division force requires using the light mechanised division list for BG but not using Dragons Porte ie just using motorised infantry. The tank units come from supporting units not integral to the division but the lists work fine for this.

It is also allowing me to find interesting softskins e.g. Latil field cars, Simca Cinq car, Citroen CV11S staff car, Citroen 1.5 ton truck as well as odd ball armour such as the P.16 Schneider.


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Re: Building your force around a historical counterpart

Postby jeffreythancock » 17 Jul 2017

Seems a sound plan, Edward! Do you have an opposing force as well, or is that a future task?

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