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Website status update

Website status update

Postby Lluis of Minairons » 14 Jun 2017

Well, not everything has been fixed yet, but at least I can confirm you now that our website is able to take and process orders normally again.

Website was hacked last weekend in a quite odd, insidious way: all product pages were masked so as not to be accessible from their respective category/subcategory listings. That is, website was apparently normal to a first sight, provided the user was just browsing through the various folders and sub-folders hosted in it. All them showed normally.


However, if user wished to check in detail one precise item before purchasing (red arrow on picture above), in order to watch sample pictures, or to learn kit composition, or to read some historic briefing on the real thing, the website link unfailingly failed as if that product page didn't exist anymore (404 message below).


As said, the good thing is that if user dispenses with accessing product pages, he/she can still add items to his/her cart from the respective category/subcategory page (green arrow on picture below). I mean, a full cart filling up and checking out process can still be performed normally in our website, despite individual product pages keep being unaccessible still.


I understand these explanations are going to be little help to first time users, who'd be logically willing to know what kind of stuff we're selling; but regular customers who already know our products high quality can be confident their orders will be taken and processed undisturbed.

A technical team is currently working hard to fix the problem; as soon as website functionalities are fully restored, I'll let you know.

Apologies for eventual inconveniences,
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Re: Website status update

Postby 7dot62mm » 15 Jun 2017


As a customer of yours I'm glad you're able to take orders, but really I'm more interested about whether or not the hackers had access to my personal data (name, email, password, address etc.) I may have had on your site.
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