Welcome to Minairons Sponsored Area

Welcome to Minairons Sponsored Area

Postby Lluis of Minairons » 18 Nov 2013

Welcome to the Minairons Sponsored Area within The Guild community.

I firmly believe it was necessary to open such an interactive area somewhere --and after some thinking I've decided to take advantage of The Guild's sponsored areas, whose features are potentionally optimal to such purpose and enjoys one of the most dynamic online communities I've met.

As a general rule, there are no special rules except those applying to the whole community, as well as those marked by common sense. I'd like to emphasize just one of these latter --quite an evident one, IMHO: please do not use this area for blatantly promoting stuff from other manufacturers.

Otherwise, please feel free to use this area, contribute to it and enjoy others' contributions.

Best wishes,
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Lluis of Minairons
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