Rules and Regs

Rules and Regs

Postby Daryl » 31 Aug 2013

Speed Build – "Red"

1st place: £20 (sent through paypal)
Random poll position (selected during the voting process) can choose one item from stash box (Dont forget if you have anything you'd like to donate then please do so.

Build Theme
The theme of this current build is wide ranging, any genre, any historical /fictional setting. Your entry must contain something that is partially or fully painted red, can be insignia, numbering, terrain item or building etc etc

Red = Red
Not brown
or pink

The item or area painted red must be visible in your photos.
Blood is ok :shock:
Red decals do not count :P
Communists do not count as being red :this:
Sorry Michi nipples are pink or brown (unless you paint them red) :lol:
Please keep terrain backdrop to a minimum as members are voting for your entry not the eye candy its surrounded with (unless the surrounding terrain is also an entry (meeting the build criteria and painted specifically for this speed build), If I feel any member is taking the piss to gain votes I will remove it.

Mimimum requirement;
No minimum requirements apply, so can be 1figure, 1 terrain piece etc etc

Build Criteria
All Guild members (inc. admins) are eligible for entry.
All entries must consist of NEW figures/models, (although terrain in photos can be recycled).
You must have made and/or painted your entry yourself.
The entry must be finished to go forward to the vote.

You must stick to the theme of the Group Build, if in doubt check with an Admin. Please check the individual Build theme for more details about what is and what is not considered on topic, special rules and possible inducements. If you are unsure please PM the Admin who is co-ordinating the build (Daryl). (all Admin decisions are final.)

Work In Progress (WIP) shots must be reserved for the members WIP area, we want the Group Build area to remain fairly clean. (WIP pictures may be added to a thread which contains a completed entry if the member wishes to show their work)

Voting and Awards
Voting will take place once the closing date is reached for a period of one week.
All Guild members are eligible to vote regardless of whether they took part in the build or not. (you are not allowed to vote for yourself (obviously))
The voting will be for the participating Guild member, regardless of the number of entries made by that member.

All entrants will be awarded a Build ribbon as in previous Guild Builds

Sponsored Build timeframe;
Build will run for 2 weeks (ends Midnight 14th September (Uk time)


Organising admin for this sponsored build
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