smg in fallschirmjager/sturm platoon

smg in fallschirmjager/sturm platoon

Postby Valderech » 07 Dec 2017

How many smg can i take in fallschirmjager/sturm platoon/squad (1941)?
- I can give to all the soldiers in the platoon on smg?
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Re: smg in fallschirmjager/sturm platoon

Postby wolflord » 07 Dec 2017

Here is an answer from the FAQ in the Dispatches:

23. Do infantry squads have to have all rifles or all SMGs, or can they mix them?
They can freely mix, but only as the models show. Only Russians should have all SMG armed squads. Many players find it easier and faster to stick to one or the other, but some players like to have their NCOs with SMGs, which is fine. Just remember he can’t fire more than 10” - but he’ll be better in a close assault. 2 members with an SMG per squad should be the maximum for mixed squads.

So the answer to your question would be no.

Despite above answer, my FJ HQ squads for Creta have up to 3 minis with SMG's because i am usings Battlefronts 15mm FJ minis and there are a lot of SMG armed minis (and more MG teams than necessary for BG). The officers minis all have pistols or SMG's, i also add an NCO (which also have all SMG's) as platoon sergeant and an additional mini with SMG, because i am short on riflemen. But i think, for the command squads the higher number of SMG armed minis is ok. My normal squads only havel 1 SMG armed mini, the NCO. The exemption is the pioneer squad, there i used two SMG armed minis, the NCO and a second one with a "Geballte Ladung". Additional SMG armed minis can be found with my MMG and HMG teams and in loading crews, but there they should have no effect in most cases.

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Re: smg in fallschirmjager/sturm platoon

Postby laurence strong » 07 Dec 2017

In real life an FJ platoon has.......16 Rifles, 49 Pistols, 6 SMG's., 1 Mortar., 6 LMG.

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