CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

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CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

Postby cp models » 09 Oct 2014

We have just released a small range of 15mm horse & musket miniatures
Starting with the great northern war

GNW-D1 Danish musketeers

GNW-D2 Danish musketeers

GNW-R1 Russian musketeers

GNW-R5 Russian grenadiers

GNW-S1 Swedish musketeers

These figure packs are all priced at £2.50 each
Infantry packs 8 figures
Infantry command packs 6 figures
Cavalry 4 figures

Available now from http://www.cpmodelsminiatures.co.uk

Thanks for looking

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cp models
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Re: CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

Postby BindonBlood » 12 Oct 2014

OOh! They look nice.

The cavalry and artillery are particularly good... :thumbsup:

How do they stack up size wise with Essex and Roundway?

If only I could figure out how many Russian pikeman and where they go.... :scratch:
Mr Osato
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Re: CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

Postby Piers » 12 Oct 2014

Hmmmmm... GNW in 15mm using Maurice...
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Re: CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

Postby BindonBlood » 12 Oct 2014


I was thinking the same thing. I have WSS for Maurice and they are based in units of 16 figures. What I can't work out is how to get 16 figures to include 5 or 6 pikes and command and still look 'right'..
Mr Osato
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Re: CP Models 15mm Horse & Musket

Postby Cimmerian » 12 Oct 2014

It's not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it.

Regards, Ken
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