Close Assault Question

Close Assault Question

Postby MadAboutArmour » 15 Jul 2017

I was wondering what happens when more than one unit of enemy troops are in the same building (and on the same floor). If you close assault them, do you assault them all, or do you choose the one you want to assault?

Also, when you issue the 'Close Assault' order, I gather that you move up to 5" so that you are within 5" of the enemy and then take the Morale check. If you pass, you fight the battle, if not, you stay Pinned where they are.

Does this mean that you could move into a building that itself was 5" away from the enemy and then fight the close assault from that (or any other cover that is 5" or closer)?

I ask this as if you do attack a pinned unit in a building (with other units in it) you could not 'take the position' (we normally allow this) because of the other units. This means that if you were fighting from a position that had no cover, you would be in a bad position after the close assault. OK you could not have taken any causalities (expect from other Ambush firing of course) but you would in the opponents next turn, be in the open and ripe for destruction, whereas, if you had fought the close assault from cover, at least you would get a bit of help...

Any advice much appreciated.
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Re: Close Assault Question

Postby Brodir » 15 Jul 2017

A close assault order targets a single enemy unit, like firing. So yes, multiple enemy units in the same buildings are a problem and stop you easily taking it. German MGs and squads are a pain for this, I have lots of recent experience of them.

take the unit experience test before moving up. Stay were you are pinned or advance and attack.
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