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Choice of Scale

Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Plattattack » 17 Jul 2017

Thanks Cold Steel, if Timecast is working on one, by the time I finish painting what I all ready have hopefully it will be out
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby eddieazrael » 18 Jul 2017

I'm thinking of going 6mm for this too - I just think it'll look better for the space I have when I put out a Soviet MRR! :-) Ok, maybe not quite that much, but apart from the infantry basing (which I think needs stands rather than individual figs) I can't see any issues. Speaking of which, has anyone come up with a way of converting the infantry rules to bases rather than individual figs? To avoid paperwork I was thinking something like a saving through for the target unit based on how many men it had, with success being no effect and failure being a team kill. Not quite sure how to crank the maths though to get results which broadly reflect the current impact of combat. (Obviously, rather than slow degradation, it would be spikes of casualties.)
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