Choice of Scale

Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Plattattack » 17 Jul 2017

Thanks Cold Steel, if Timecast is working on one, by the time I finish painting what I all ready have hopefully it will be out
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby eddieazrael » 18 Jul 2017

I'm thinking of going 6mm for this too - I just think it'll look better for the space I have when I put out a Soviet MRR! :-) Ok, maybe not quite that much, but apart from the infantry basing (which I think needs stands rather than individual figs) I can't see any issues. Speaking of which, has anyone come up with a way of converting the infantry rules to bases rather than individual figs? To avoid paperwork I was thinking something like a saving through for the target unit based on how many men it had, with success being no effect and failure being a team kill. Not quite sure how to crank the maths though to get results which broadly reflect the current impact of combat. (Obviously, rather than slow degradation, it would be spikes of casualties.)
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby The Waxed Moustache » 22 Jul 2017

eddieazrael wrote: Speaking of which, has anyone come up with a way of converting the infantry rules to bases rather than individual figs?

I do with 15mm WW2 Battlegroup. Just use a mini dice or some other means to track casualties on a base. Also, having one base for each team within a squad/platoon helps. The shooting is sufficiently abstracted within the rules to not have to worry about LoS to/from single miniatures.
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Plattattack » 24 Jul 2017

After seeing all the great jobs done with 20mm, I might give it a crack for Vietnam. I think the Battlegroup Rules would work well with the Vietnam era ( thinking of from Indochina right up to '75 ). Any suggestions for 20mm Vietnam ( Figures ) ?
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Gunbird » 24 Jul 2017

Who is Gunbird? Johan van Ooij, Dutch, Mercenary Gamer, travels around to get in the occasional game. Current flavour of the month - scenery frenzy! My Blog >>
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Colonel White » 30 Aug 2017

15mm is going to be my choice as there is so much available with PSC bringing new models out all the time . The Leo 1s look really nice from the pictures.
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Ray » 30 Aug 2017

15mm is a nice figure size,anorak on 15mm is a figure size not a scale, I am painting a order for a customer all 15mm late war Fallschirmjaerger with PSC vehicles,nice to say the least. :thumbsup:
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Neffer » 02 Sep 2017

I find 15mm is the sweet spot. Alot of people at my club have moved over from Flames and Team Yankee to Battlegroup so people want to just use there flames models for BG.

I'd love to do 20mm....I did pick up some AB figures Germans but they rarely see play and now the few other 20mm players are buying 15mmm because there's more people to play with...

I've never liked 6mm. It seems to work well for large tank battles but I find the infantry just get lost and never do any thing but hide in what ever terrain they can because to move into the open usually means certain death when crossing such large expanses of terrain.
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby LUCASWILLEN05 » 04 Sep 2017

6mm as I already have a large collection. Modern tank battles often require large numbers of vehicles to o them justice. If I were starting ou in the period now however I would look at 10mm as a viable alternative
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby pantherV » 05 Sep 2017

I have gone for 6mm, it just looks so much more realistic on the table. Also its much cheaper so you can afford several armies if you wish and also try out those 'odd' troop types, vehicles etc at very little cost and effort. I have and play Battlegroup in 20mm, 15mm and 6mm and it has worked perfectly well at all those scales. The smaller the scale the more realistic it becomes. We started playing in 15mm, tried 20mm but struggled beyond platoon level and now mainly play in 6mm which I have to say is my favourite but each to thier own. 6mm is also much easier if you want lots of terrain or to have more realisticly sized terrain pieces without them dominating the table. For infantry units I base the whole unit on one base and mark casualties with small dice, I've had no problems with this taking too long or being too fiddly either. Hope you have fun regardless of what you settle on,

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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby Untergefreiter » 05 Sep 2017

Once Northag is out I might go for 6mm for the first armies. Should the 10mm range get bigger I might look into that. 15mm TY didn't look right on the table. Just too big for the tank armies you want to see in the Fulda gap or northern plains.
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby LUCASWILLEN05 » 08 Sep 2017

My personal preference is 6mm (as always :grin: ) mostly due to having a rather large pre existing collection. Thee advantage of this is that sizable armoured actions can be gamed at a very reasonable cost. There is an aesthetic cost to this at last for some in view of the figures themselves but in another respect the "footprint" of the smaller figures is more proportional to the ground scale

On the other hand 10, 15 or 20mm figures are visually attractive as individual figures,

My recommendation would actually be to use a couple of scales. For larger armoured actions either 6mm or 10mm (the latter has the advantage of basing individual figures removing the need for record keeping which is an issue with 6mm) For smaller infantry actions either 15 or 20mm and here the decision may well come down to cost
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Re: Choice of Scale

Postby sjb1001 » 10 Sep 2017

Having collected 1/144 world tank museum models for over a decade I think they are the sweet pot using 15mm ranges as it give a realsitic flavour of range. Got 230 odd T-34 M1942 now plus all the assorted support units - planning to do a Kursk weekend game in Broughton sometime in the next few months. Prokhorovka battle as it dispenses with too much in the way of pakfront ambushes and deep defensive lines, should be free flowing.

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