Pint size campaigns

Pint size campaigns

Postby dead1 » 10 Jul 2017

(Cause I am slow) I just noticed tow fat lardies are releasing pint size campaigns for Chain of Command. Now I haven't played this system before but are the campaigns convertible to Battlegroup?

Also is there a chance for Battlegroup to release similar things for Battlegroup. Yes I could do it myself but am lazy and dumb with money!
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Re: Pint size campaigns

Postby waveydavey » 10 Jul 2017

I've bought 3 of then but havent played them yet. It's easy to add BR ratings to the support options.
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Re: Pint size campaigns

Postby Powermonger » 10 Jul 2017

I have all the pint sized campaigns. They are all very good, although you must use a lot of common sense to fill the gaps in the CoC rules and are designed to play with their own campaign system. The campaign system for CoC is great fun.
Regarding it´s use with BG, i think it could be done. But you must bear in mind that CoC is a platoon-sized skirmish game. You just use a platoon of infantry plus some supports (ie, one tank and/or one AT gun, one MMG). Converting those campaigns to BG would result in a series of small chained squad-level BG games.
A better option would be to use all the context of the campaign and upgrade the available supports to full platoons of tanks, supporting artillery, recce, etc. In that way, it would result in a much funnier series of platoon-level BG games.
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