Difference in BG markers?

Difference in BG markers?

Postby saltflats1929 » 13 Jun 2017

I am looking at buying some markers from commission miniatures ( http://www.commission-figurines.co.uk/markers.html ), they have a set marked kursk/overlord and one fir fall of the Reich. Does anyine know the differences? I have the overlord and FotR books but haven't read them yet. Do i need both sets? Can i get by with one for both periods?
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Re: Difference in BG markers?

Postby Greebs » 13 Jun 2017

FoTR has an unique set of chits that cater the shit-happens chits to better reflect the conditions in Germany in 1945. I don't know if the number chits are identical between the two, but I'd assume they are. With a bit of ingenuity you might be able to cross-reference one set of chits ti count as another... but it's awkward as hell, and while I'm not exactly flush with cash, I am lazy, so I didn't really give it much thought and just bought both sets.
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Re: Difference in BG markers?

Postby Brodir » 13 Jun 2017

There is the standard set (Kursk, Overlord, everything else) and the FotR set, only for Germany 1945. Standard set covers all, unless the Fall of Reich is your bag (if not why not??). ;)
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Re: Difference in BG markers?

Postby wolflord » 14 Jun 2017

FotR markers also has a single marker with the value 0, which the normal set do not have.
So if you have the FotR book, buy both sets.

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Re: Difference in BG markers?

Postby Nazrat » 14 Jun 2017

If you have both books then you already have the chits which are printed in the back. You can easily ascertain the differences there.

The short answer, though, is yes you need both sets! :grin:
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