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Re: Battlegroup Update...

Postby Piers » 23 May 2017

The lists are needed for pick up games bit you could play the campaign with the datacards.... if you have FotR it should give any unit breakdowns you need...

The new Overlord reprint will have all you need for any of the NWE campaign books like Wacht am Rhein.
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Re: Battlegroup Update...

Postby Brodir » 24 May 2017

The new Overlord book is the old Overlord book, only the second half, the inland section. Nothing different (beyond page numbers and errata). If you have Overlord, you don;t need it. It;s just way to get the Brit, Us and German lists for NWE 1944 back in circulation. Market Garden will have the 2 para lists, updated for that campaign.
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Re: Battlegroup Update...

Postby CAG 19 » 24 May 2017

Hi, no I do t have it. It is WAR that says I need it
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