Autocannon ROF vs. AFVs?

Autocannon ROF vs. AFVs?

Postby Fitz » 08 May 2017

I'm experiencing a bit of confusion about how various shooting situations are handled.

If I'm shooting direct fire at a vehicle with a light autocannon (ROF 5), do I roll for 5 potential hits/penetrations, or is the burst of fire adjudicated as a single hit or miss?
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Re: Autocannon ROF vs. AFVs?

Postby Powermonger » 08 May 2017

I'm not expert but i think is:
A light autocannon (ie german 20mm) has a ROF of 6.
But against an AFV you roll a sinlge D6 to hit for each fire action (assuming you soppted it first).
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Re: Autocannon ROF vs. AFVs?

Postby Number4 » 08 May 2017

Yup. It's a single AP shot - ignore ROF and look up the gun's armor penetration value
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Re: Autocannon ROF vs. AFVs?

Postby Ray » 08 May 2017

It is single shot per action ( each unit having two actions per turn)with AP at armoured targets. It is fairly simple to understand,we had two novices playing a game last Saturday,who undertood it straight away.
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