Battlegroup Trobuck enquiry

Battlegroup Trobuck enquiry

Postby robbie7 » 30 Apr 2017

I have been looking at the PSC website with a view to buying Battlegroup Trobuck following playing the game at the Worlds last year.

What I cannot tell is if this is a stand alone rule book or do you have to buy the core rulebook as well. On this forum I have seen reference to a special rules section for desert warfare. Is this the basic rules with special rules added in or just the special rules for the desert?

Obviously, I do not want to buy Battlegroup Trobuck and then find I need a second rule book especially as the PSC site states that the core rules are being reprinted and are expected to be available in November.

Thank you in advance for your help
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Re: Battlegroup Trobuck enquiry

Postby Powermonger » 30 Apr 2017

Yes, you wll need the basic rulebook also.BG Tobruk alone would not be enough.
For the basic rulebook, you can buy the new hardback rulebook (available since end of 2016) or a pdf version of the first edition which s basically the same.
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Re: Battlegroup Trobuck enquiry

Postby NTM » 30 Apr 2017

I believe the mini rulebook (softback) is still available too.
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Re: Battlegroup Trobuck enquiry

Postby Piers » 30 Apr 2017

The PSC Web page is wrong...

The 'November' it refers to is 2016.

So with Battlegroup Tobruk you also need the Battlegroup rulebook. The hardback version is the latest, published November 2016. Won't be another edition made... Also has lists for Canadians and 12th SS in Normandy.
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