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A9 mg turrets

A9 mg turrets

Postby Madjack7 » 28 Apr 2017

This may be a silly question but can the two mg turrets on the a9 combine their fire on targets in their front arc giving them a rate of fire of 6 (2x the tank mg rof of 3) using the one order. They are ed listed as 2x hull mg.
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Re: A9 mg turrets

Postby DaveC » 28 Apr 2017

I can't comment on how the ruled work but in N Africa the MG turrets often left unmanned due to crew shortages. :ugeek:
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Re: A9 mg turrets

Postby Brodir » 28 Apr 2017

Yes, they have many MGs, and the pts include them, so use them. Actually, those sub turrets were rubbish, even when manned they were overly cramped, lacked any sort of visability, etc... waste of time. But I guess similar can be said of most tank MGs... hence only RoF3
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