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My Battlegroup Tobruk plans..

My Battlegroup Tobruk plans..

Postby Jacques » 09 Mar 2017

I am very excited at the prospect of BGT and have glacially started putting 1/72 forces together :

Italians : Made up of most the available plastic sets and some support weapons and arty from Mirliton.

Union Defence Force (East Africa) : Mainly Strelets and SHQ for support and gun crews. And a sole plastic Marmon-Herrington a/c.

DAK : Most of the available plastic sets. And now PSC might be bringing out DAK.. ??!!

Indian - The new Strelets set but will have to get support weapons from SHQ or EWM.

British/other commonwealth - Mostly older plastic sets but lacking support weapons.

Well thats most of Africa sorted, apart from some few bits here and there. Now to finish painting all of it as most of the above have been started but not completed.

Regarding vehicles, I probably have enough to at least field a troop of something or other for each of the above. And some as yet unstarted aircraft kits.

Crete : Strelets have some New Zealanders that look OK but there is IMO a dearth of good German paratroops in plastic. Any suggestions re good early war FJ's ?

Anyway, thats my plans !
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Re: My Battlegroup Tobruk plans..

Postby Piers » 09 Mar 2017

Sounds like a pretty complete plan! :grin:
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Re: My Battlegroup Tobruk plans..

Postby z1pp132002 » 10 Mar 2017

Hey Jacques

If you are the Jacques I know how are you South Africans coming along?

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Re: My Battlegroup Tobruk plans..

Postby Makulator » 10 Mar 2017

what about the orion PARATROOPERS
They look like you could use them for crete.
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