Scenario query Lundemanns Hunting Panthers

Scenario query Lundemanns Hunting Panthers

Postby Sgt Steiner » 07 Jan 2017


Just got excellent new rule book and am setting up one of the campaign scenarios namely Lundemanns Hunting Panthers and query arises

The Canadian Force is showing blank for total number of Officers
I assume this should be 3 (2 X Tank troop Cmdrs and 1 Inf Platoon Officer) ?

Also the Cannucks have off board of 2 X 105mm but no Artillery Observer (Inf Cmdr only capable of calling in Mortars) so am I right in assuming this support can only be called down on the Pre-registered Aiming Point ?

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Re: Scenario query Lundemanns Hunting Panthers

Postby wolflord » 25 Apr 2017

Hello Sgt Steiner,

yes, i count 3 officers, too.

Without an observer this is the only way to use the off-board artillery.

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Re: Scenario query Lundemanns Hunting Panthers

Postby dead1 » 27 Apr 2017

You could always just include an observer. I don't see it breaking the bank.
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Re: Scenario query Lundemanns Hunting Panthers

Postby Piers » 27 Apr 2017

Three officers. Seems to have been missed off.
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