Battlegroup Solo Play

Battlegroup Solo Play

Postby Overpromoted » 28 Dec 2016

Seasons greetings!

I was wondering if anyone had attempted to play Battlegroup solo - and had any pointers?

Thanks chaps
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Re: Battlegroup Solo Play

Postby Greebs » 28 Dec 2016

I'm sure it can be done, but one of the most interesting and unique aspects of the Battlegroup rulesets is the interaction between invisible chit pulls and the enemy BR breakpoint. Even if you can find a way to keep one or both sides' running chit total hidden from you as a player, possibly through digitising the process through some sort of spreadsheet or simple programme, you'd lose out on the nail-biting decisions that come as you get ever closer to your BR total, with no idea how close your opponent is to theirs.
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Re: Battlegroup Solo Play

Postby Lightbulb » 28 Dec 2016

There's no reason you have to keep it symmetrical if you play solo.

You could for example give them a pool of chits where 15 are blank (or throw in some out of ammo and air attack) a 5 marked.

When you draw the 4 marked chits then game over.

You get the same basic thing - you never know exactly when they will break but do enough and they will.

The numbers of chits can obviously be played around with.


This is something I'm interested in doing too so I'll give it some thought.
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Re: Battlegroup Solo Play

Postby wargameroz » 29 Dec 2016

I use the C&C from Battlegroup with Rapid Fire for solo games, don't worry too much about BR but rely on normal morale tests.
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Re: Battlegroup Solo Play

Postby zippyzed zoom » 26 Jan 2017

I often play the game solo and play with BR as normal, of course I know the state of both armies but in some ways this can be just as much fun. I've had battles with armies close to breaking and pushing with the other to destroy them (wouldn't you always). But sometimes.... a PIAT crew gets beyond the call of duty and takes out a Tiger! Then an aircraft arrives and takes out a Pz IV. Another aircraft arrives! Now they are there until they run out of ammo and they cause havoc all with 3 BR remaining to win the game. Play often and exciting things happen. I play as effectively as I can for both armies giving each move the best odds I can. Of course I know the Cromwells are going to Reserve move. How to counter? How to prepare the way for them? A plan is one thing.Its execution quite another thing entirely. All good practice. Of course there are obstacles. Timed strikes, Pr-registered fire and Scouts but these I randomize. Choosing a number of likely spots and D3ing a turn etc. Its not ideal but still interesting. Try telling an opponent where your mines are. Sometimes Knowing isn't an advantage.
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