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Behaviour on the Battlegroup Section - Read This First

Behaviour on the Battlegroup Section - Read This First

Postby Piers » 22 Feb 2013

Please bear in mind a few simple things when posting... Be polite and respectful of others.

I expect this from all Guild members both new and old.

Anymore comments that are purely derogatory, rather than of critical comment, will be deleted, the user will be warned and after three warnings will be banned.

Any topic involved will also be locked.

Piers, BG Admin, 21st February 2013
 ‘Landed. Killed Germans. F***ed off.’ - Major Anders Lassen's operational report to the Admiralty.
'...its not a realistic expectation, that you can use a tank as a sort of big 'fruit-squashing' machine' - Woz
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