The Results.....

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Re: The Results.....

Postby laffe » 09 Jun 2010

Wow, the standard was indeed high. I'm honoured to have been a part of this. My hat's off to everyone :hello:

It was a great build, and it was a good excuse for me to check out Battlefield Minis, haven't painted any before. I will sure order more from them in the future, the figures were great!
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Re: The Results.....

Postby fscunha » 10 Jun 2010

panzerfaust200 wrote:not at all and i was quoting the number from memory! :doh: but meaculpa nevertheless.... :beg:
the point i was trying to make was that everyone gathered some votes... so therefore everyone is getting better... :P

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: I was just "pulling your leg" (that is the correct expression right?). I do know that when I enter these competitions that I will never win anything simply because there are too many talented guys here. I enter then for getting my stuff finished and from the comments I get I try to improve my work. So comments like these

thehivemind wrote:I for one understand Rob here on this one .
I voted for you Cuhna, because in my opinion , your entry meritted the vote as I think you have shown the greatest increase in quality recently. So, keep up the good work ! It is showing well !

Make me very proud :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Thanks. And I just got a new ribbon!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

One of the things I do know I need to improve is the photographing. But since my wife loves to take photographs and just bought a Nikon D3000 I think that from now on the increase in photo quaility will be remarcable :grin: . So I'm off to finish a couple more macedonians with those very big spears!

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Re: The Results.....

Postby panzerfaust200 » 10 Jun 2010

Good lighting is a plus too!
I use daylight bulbs (blue artist bulbs) and they make a big difference! :good:
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Re: The Results.....

Postby thehivemind » 10 Jun 2010

good photography is a must. And as Rob says, its more important to have good lighting than an expensive camera.
Im looking forward to seeing your new photos Cuhna!
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Re: The Results.....

Postby Donogh » 11 Jun 2010

Well done all - some super work there - it's getting so that the number of voting slots I have to cast is just not enough! :blush:
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