Penchennyy July 1942

Penchennyy July 1942

Postby Bluewillow » 29 Dec 2008

Serafimovich Sept 31st July 1942

Rapid fire scenario

Addio, mia bella, addio
Io dissi, nel partire, al mio tesor:
Til lascio il cuore mio,
M’aspetta il re sul campo dell’onor….
Bersagliere marching song

Historical background

Stalingrad was turning into a diaster, the Russians had crossed the Don River to the north of the city and secured a foothold on the western bank, facing them was the Italian 3rd ‘Celere’ Division and the Romanian Division. The Russians were preparing for an offensive to finally cut off Stalingrad. An assault group consisting of the 17th Gvardyeiski Vintorvka Polk and some support Armour and artillery elements was to assault the Italian positions around the village of Bobrosky and the crossroads of Peschanyy. Separating the Italians from the Romanians to the south and holding this Northern flank, so the remaining armoured formations could pierce the Romanian front. Holding the village and the surrounding hills was the VI Bersagliere Regt with light armoured support and artillery.

The Russian assault was committed in the early light, during a light snow storm, led by T 34’s and some armoured cars, followed by the infantry, The Italian troops held their fire until the last moment then unleashed all of their available firepower, the Russian infantry faltered under the accurate fire, but the tanks rolled on into the Italian positions. The light anti tank guns were positioned facing the rear allowing the soviet tanks to actually penetrate and pass the position so as to fire upon the rear of the tanks. Several T34’s were lost and all of the armoured cars from AT rifles, teller mines and Molotov cocktails.

The Russian Infantry from the second battalion flanked the village, and attacked the positions along the edge of the crossroads securing most of the houses in the south of the village, savage hand to hand occurred for the next three hours. The remaining T34’s rallied and assaulted again with the first battalion, finally breaking the Italians morale, they pushed the remaining Italians from the village.

The Bersagliere regrouped and with the arrival of the XLII Gruppo “Cavalleggeri di Alessandria” and an observer element from the LLXX artillery Regt. The Italian Artillery softened up the positions knocking out the remaining T34’s before the Italians advanced re-taking the village and capturing some 195 Russian prisoners, and destroying 7 T 34s and all of the armoured cars.

Italian Order of Battle

VI Bersagliere regiment
3 x Battalions plus HQ (elite)
Attached 2 x 47mm AT Coys
XLII “Cavalleggeri di Alessandria”
HQ + 2 coys L/40 da 47/32
LXVII “Cavalleggeri”
HQ + 2 coys L6/40
LLXX Motorised Artillery + Motorised Observer element
1 coy 105mm
1 coy 170mm

Scenario Special Rules and Notes

Dug in Infantry can only be located by other infantry
It is snowing so all visibility is dictated by a weather roll every two turns on a D6, 1 clear normal visibility, 2 and 3 light snow visibility cut by 1/3rd , 4 and 5 heavy snow all visibility cut down to 8 inches, 6 white out all visibility to 6 inches

Italian Orders
You primary objective is to defend the crossroads at all cost, and your secondary is to defend the village of Bobrosky, your only option is to achieve both conditions for total victory.

The Italians are dug into hard cover (stage 3 field defences) with a mixed marked mine field to the front of the positions in a W shape, the village is on a small rise in advance of the crossroads.

The First Bersagliere battalion is defending the village surrounds, with 1 AT coy and XLII “Cavalleggeri di Alessandria” in depth the crossroads are defended by the second Bersagliere battalion with LXVII “Cavalleggeri” in support along with Bersagliere Regt HQ , the third Bersagliere battalion is to the far left with the remaining AT coy.

The artillery can be off table or on table; they are on the extreme Italian left flank behind the woods and may not be moved. Radio checks as normal from the observer element that may be placed at any location on the table. Only the Infantry HQ and the Observer may direct the artillery support. You have no air support available.

The Italians commence the game in Hidden deployment, and will only be found if they fire or infantry approach within six inches. You may not withdraw your infantry until you have suffered 50% casualties. Artillery may commence fire as soon as a target is identified and may not fire indiscriminately.

Russian Order of Battle

17th Guard rifle regiment
3 battalions plus HQ (elite)
652nd independent tank battalion
3 x BA 6 armoured cars
3 x T34’s
2 x T26s
Off table 150mm gun coy for first three turns

Scenario Special Rules and Notes

Dug in Infantry can only be located by other infantry
It is snowing so all visibility is dictated by a weather roll every two turns on a D6, 1 clear normal visibility, 2, 3 and 4 light snow visibility cut by 1/3rd , 5 heavy snow all visibility cut down to 8 inches, 6 white out all visibility to 6 inches

Russian Orders

Comrade Your Primary objective is to capture the strategic crossroads, your secondary objective is to capture the village of Bobrosky , we expect a light minefield to our front and expect only light resistance from the defenders, we expect a reduced strength battalion defending the crossroads at Peschanyy.

You achieve total victory if you achieve both conditions, partial if primary achieved and draw if only the village is held.

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Re: Penchennyy July 1942

Postby Daryl » 29 Dec 2008

Matt, how comes you have posted this here.. if you entering it in the amnesty build then it should be posted in that section... if not for the groupbuild then post it in the Game reports and scenerios section..

otherwise most members wont notice it in here. :grin:
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