The Hunt!

The Hunt!

Postby Staxer » 30 Oct 2008

Lately I have succumbed to being a Games Workshop Warhammer Bretonnian Army player and have been madly planning, buying, painting and playing with knights (watching Braveheart, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, El-Cid et al) I had the idea of using some of these models for this scenario.

The Hunt!

The hunt, is as it says on the tin. The Hunter is a mounted knight armed with sword, lance, shield, heavy armour and riding a barded warhorse and is about for dinner. The intended dinner tonight is boar, armed with teeth and tusks.
The knight is assisted by five peasants who are the beating party, armed with pole-arm and light armour.

The setting is a forest on a 4 x 4 foot table. Feel free to place hills, ruins, rocks, streams etc. Streams are half move to cross, ruins and rocks are impassable. Use a models line of sight as necessary.

D3 + 1 boar are randomly placed within 6 inches of the table centre. The animal aim is to exit the board by any table edge by the end of turn 10. The knight is set up on a board edge, the beating party on the opposite board edge. The Knights aim is to survive and kill more animals than can escape off board. The peasants of the beating party aim are to survive.

Each turn, the beating party moves first, the boars second and the knight last. Feel free to measure distance at any time.

MAN M 4 WS 2 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 LD 5 SAVE 6

Every turn the peasants move 4 inches, making lots of noise in a line towards the table centre in the direction of the knight’s board edge. A peasant must be no more than 1 inch from another peasant by the end of their movement phase. They can not charge the animals but may receive a charge. If outnumbered by animals charging (unit strength) they may flee directly away 2D6 inches but if caught by animal movement they are all destroyed. If the beating party are within 1 inch of knight he may then direct their direction of movement from their next movement phase if they are not locked in combat.

BOAR M 7 WS 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 LD 7 SAVE NONE

The Animals move D6 inches in a random direction per turn. If within charge range of a human they may refrain from charging by passing a leadership test (roll 2D6 for a score equal or under their leadership value) and then move randomly otherwise they must charge the nearest human. Charge range is 14 inches (Twice movement value).

Knight M 4 WS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 LD 8 SAVE 2+
Warhorse M 8 WS 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1

The Knight can charge 16 inches (Twice movement value of warhorse) and must charge the nearest animal. The knight, only on the charge gains two on his strength value for being armed with a lance. The warhorse can also fight but can not be attacked all attacks are against the rider. The Knight being a virtuous soul will not flee a charge.

Charging units strike first then the order is peasants, animal, knight and warhorse as appropriate.

Peasant to hit animal needs a 4+ on 1D6, to wound needs a 3+ on 1D6
Animal to hit peasant needs a 3+, to wound needs a 4+, peasant can save on a 6 on 1D6
Animal to hit knight needs a 4+, to wound needs a 4+, knight can save on a 2+
Knight on charge to hit animal needs a 3+, to wound needs a 2+
Knight locked in combat to hit animal needs a 4+, to wound needs a 4+
Warhorse to hit animal needs a 4+, to wound needs a 4+

Once locked in combat fighting continues once every phase until victory. Targets (in base to base contact) need to be selected before rolling of dice. When combat complete the victor may continue the hunt or escape as appropriate.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the game if more animals escape off board than are left or killed then they are lucky. If the knight kills more animals than escape then he is the victor and has a feast otherwise the peasants are in for a whipping and the knight will seek another quest.

Other scenarios could use different quantities of animals with different characteristics.

For example:

TIGER M 8 WS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I4 A 3 LD 7 SAVE 5+

WOLF M 9 WS 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 LD 5 SAVE NONE

RHINO M 7 WS 3 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 2 A 3 LD 5 SAVE 5+

M – Movement, WS – Weapon Skill (for fighting), S – Strength, T – Toughness, I – Initiative (how quick witted),
A – Number of Attacks, LD – Leadership, Save – Armour save on a D6
Man or animal is unit strength 1. Knight on warhorse or Tiger are unit strength 2. Rhino is unit strength 4.
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Re: The Hunt!

Postby Michi » 04 Nov 2008

Straight and simple, but promises lots of fun! I love games about basic instincts. Hunger that is here. And a skirmish it is as well, yummy... :yahoo:
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Re: The Hunt!

Postby jaeger » 04 Nov 2008

Must try this scenario!!

Sounds great!!

Thanks for posting! :thumbsup:


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