"Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

"Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

Postby Leigh » 26 Oct 2008

Historical Introduction
This scenario is loosely based on a number of operations conducted since 2001 in various locations in Eastern Afghanistan by the Tier One Special Mission Units (SMUs) of both the US led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the NATO led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Tier One SMUs are the "national asset" level Special Operations Forces (SOF)- in the US, the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment- Delta and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group; in the UK, 22 Special Air Service Regiment and the Special Boat Service. In Afghanistan, these Tier One units operate as part of a covert Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force.

The JSOC Task Force is comprised of a force ranging from a Troop (16 operators) to a Squadron (64 operators) from one of the Tier One SMUs depending on operational requirements in Iraq and elsewhere. It is supported by a company group from either the US Army Rangers or the UK Special Forces Support Group who act as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and as muscle for larger operations along with carrying out their own unilateral operations. Also embedded within the Task Force grouping are Signals and Human Intelligence specialists, interrogators, linguists and specialist surveillance assets. Air support is provided by a small integral component generally assigned from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR). Key roles of the Task Force include the hunt for al Qaeda and Taliban HVTs, hostage rescues, special reconnaissance and high risk direct action operations against foreign fighters.

Specifically, this scenario takes it's inspiration from the tragic Operation Red Wing in Kunar Province in June 2005 and the Advance Force Operations' (AFO) Special Reconnaissance (SR) operations during Operation Anaconda in March 2002 and earlier AFO SR missions during the hunt for al Qaeda high value targets (HVTs) in the Tora Bora cave complex. Special Reconnaissance is "the conduct of environmental reconnaissance, target acquisition, area assessment, post-strike assessment, emplacement and recovery of sensors, or support of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) operations" according to the US Department of Defense. All of these SR mission sets are conducted in Afghanistan in support of OEF and ISAF aims. This scenario centres around a target acquisition (or Terminal Guidance Operation in SOF parlance) mission to positively identify an enemy bomb maker HVT and coordinate an air strike on the identified individual.

Wargaming Introduction
For clarity, this scenario roughly takes it's format from the excellent Skirmish Campaigns series by Scott Fisher and Nathan Forney. "Sprint" is a two player skirmish scenario and should see no more than forty to fifty miniatures required on the table. I have kept "Sprint" deliberately loose in terms of rules systems although I have included a few hints on how to handle certain elements for my favoured rules systems, namely Disposable Heroes (DH) and it's modern expansion Search Out Close With And Destroy (SOCWAD) and Ambush Alley (AA), both of which will work well in handling this scenario. Note in this scenario if using AA, no Fog of War (FOW) nor Asset cards are used,

Date: Early 2007
Location: The mountainous border region of Kunar Province, Afghanistan and the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan
History: OEF and ISAF forces operating in the strongly Pashtun Kunar Province have been struck by increasingly efficient and sophisticated Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks over the space of the preceeding month. All technical intelligence developed by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Task Force points to a seasoned bomb maker operating in support of Taliban elements within the volatile border region. Rumours abound of an Arab or Chechen al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) veteran or perhaps a former member of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) as the culprit.

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) of Taliban 'chatter' indicates the unknown bomb maker may be based in a suspected Taliban safe house deep in the Hindu Kush. Aerial surveillance of the safe house by UAVs matched with information gathered from local informers finally provides a photographic image of the bomb maker, confirming he is indeed an Arab al Qaeda member known to US intelligence. The safe house appears to be guarded by anywhere between ten and twenty Taliban insurgents. Due to the sensitive nature of the location on the poorly marked border and the expected quality of the opposition, the OEF threatre commander assigns the job of dealing with the bomb maker to the JSOC Task Force embedded within the US Combined Joint Task Force 82.

A four man Delta SR element with an attached Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) is infiltrated by night time High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute drop into the Area of Operations (AO). They walk overnight to arrive at the target location and set up a covert hide/OP (Observation Post) to monitor the target location for evidence of the target individual. Upon positive identification of the individual, they are tasked with using a Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM) to 'lase' the target and calling in an air strike. Once the air strike is complete, they are to conduct a Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) to ascertain whether the target has been killed. With the BDA complete they are to exfiltrate over land to an off-set Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) to be extracted.

The SR team, call sign Jackal Two One, are successfully monitoring the safe house, a traditional Afghan compound surrounded by several smaller one story buildings, from their hillside hide when the unthinkable happens. A young goat herder appears over the hill moving toward their OP! Jackal Two One watch anxiously as he approaches. Two Taliban from the safe house exit the front gates and move up the hill to meet the boy- the goats are obviously the Taliban's source of fresh milk and/or meat. As the Taliban walk up the hillside, one notices something unusual and, staring right at the OP, unslings his AKM and barks out a challenge in Pashtu. Jackal Two One have been compromised! :shock:

US Objective: Exfiltrate the SR team successfully with minimal US casualties. Secondary objective of turning the bomb maker into a smoking crater ;)
Taliban Objecive: Kill or capture the SR team whilst ensuring the bomb maker is protected or escorted off the board before he is killed by US forces

Scenario Rules
1. Jackal Two One can call in the stand-by QRF by one member doing nothing other than setting up comms, getting on the net and transmitting their QRF request (no shooting or movement that turn including DH Snap Fires or AA Reacts). He must make a successful Guts check (at +1) or a Quality check (again at +1) to establish comms- he may reroll each turn if he fails. At the same time, he can make an emergency call to all nearby air on the Guard Net frequency by using the "Sprint" brevity code. "Sprint" is recognised by all OEF and ISAF air assets that a Special Forces ground call sign is in imminent danger of being overrun by the enemy. The brevity code is only used in the gravest of emergencies. Once "Sprint" is transmitted the first air can be rolled for after a one turn delay (i.e. two turns of delay including the turn the code is transmitted and the air arrives on the third turn). The on-call QRF comprises two squads of Army Rangers with attached Air Force elements on 'strip alert' at Bagram in a pair of MH-47E Chinooks. They will require six turns to arrive from the turn in which the call was made (i.e they will arrive on turn seven).

2. In DH, the SR team and attached JTAC can operate as individual elements if required (although pairing up would be more realistic) as per the SOCWAD rules and the Delta operators never halve their firepower. Delta nor the JTAC are ever considered 'Man Alone' in this scenario. In AA, the team will operate as an Elite fire team as per the AA rules and Day of the Ranger expansion. The hide the SR team have constructed offers Light Cover.

3. The SR team all carry suppressors on their HK416 carbines and on their Mk11 Mod1 sniper rifle- the JTAC's M4A1 is similarly suppressed. Only their Mk48 Mod0 7.62mm light machine gun, their sidearms and the M203 grenade launchers mounted upon their 416s are non suppressed (obviously!). The SR team can decide to attempt to eliminate the two Taliban on the hillside, buying themselves time, by using suppressed weapons. In DH terms, the SR team gains the initiative automatically in the first turn. In AA consider it as if the insurgents are attempting to fire in the final turn phase and give the SR team a Regular chance to React and kill the two Taliban before they raise the alarm.

4. The Taliban player has the two insurgents on the hillside at the start of the game, both armed with AKMs. Neither carry grenades or sidearms. The goat herder will disappear with his goats at the first sign of trouble. The Taliban player can move insurgents out of the compound on turn two if firing is heard (i.e the two Taliban are not taken out quietly) or turn three if the SR have stealthily killed the pair (alerted by the alarmed cries of the goat herder as he disappears into the distance- and no you cannot shoot the goat herder :ph34r: ; the team leader has already decided the hide is compromised and it is only a matter of time before the occupants of the safe house send out a patrol looking for their missing men).

5. The Taliban player can decide whether he wants to attempt to protect the bomb maker or try to escort him off the board. If the Taliban player has not decided a course of action by the time the first US air appears the bomb maker decides for him and sets off in an SUV escorted by two Taliban SUVs- one in front and one behind and each with two insurgents inside. The bomb maker must escape off the northern edge of the board to be considered as having safely crossed the border into Pakistan. Of course the US player can divert his air support or QRF to intercept the SUV convoy :thumbsup: . For added fun :P , make the lead vehicle in the convoy roll a 1D6 each turn it moves once it is outside the compound and past the outlying buildings- on a 6 it has struck an old Soviet anti tank legacy mine- roll as per mines in DH or count as a medium IED in AA.

6. Controlling air- once air arrives (as early as turn three potentially), the JTAC, if alive, will control the air assets on to their targets. The JTAC will confer a +1 to the ACC roll in DH terms, in AA use the details as per the FOW cards disregarding the roll of 1 for air that doesn't show up (i.e. 1-3 will be the inaccurate gun run) but add a +1 to the roll if the JTAC is controlling the fires; additionally in AA use the Armed UAV card if a Predator is rolled however it receives two attacks with its Hellfires not the one stated on the card. If the JTAC becomes a casualty, any member of Delta can take over control of the air assets but without the +1 for the specialist skills of the JTAC.

7. Air duration- as the "Sprint" code brings air from all over, some aircraft could be retasked from other jobs and thus be running low on fuel and/or munitions. To simulate this, roll a 1D6 at the end of each turn. On a 5 or 6, the aircraft must leave the board. Otherwise it must automatically leave the board after three turns (bear in mind munitions loads for DH) The JTAC can 'stack' aircraft in orbit however for each level of the stack (i.e. each aircraft rolled for) he must do nothing that turn (as per making the original call). Up to four aircraft can be stacked at any one time.

8. Taliban reinforcements- the Taliban player can roll for reinforcements the turn after the first US air arrives to simulate both local tribesmen and other groups of Taliban coming to their aid. AA Hotspots are placed at the corner of each edge of the board and one on the top of the hill behind the SR team's hide. For DH, roll a 1D6 with a 5 or 6 indicating an eight man Taliban element turn arrives with 6x AK47, 1x PKM and 1x RPG. Roll as per above for placement.

9. The QRF arrives on the calculated turn and can land wherever the US player requires. Details of the composition of the QRF are given in the Force Lists. The MH-47s both mount M134 7.62mm miniguns on either side and a 7.62mm M60 on the tail ramp. As they appear over the table they can carry out one gun run as they suppress targets on the run in to the HLZ. Or you can just let the escorting Apache flight do what they're paid for... ;)

10. Spotting- because the SR carry an ICOM scanner and are supported by a Global Hawk UAV high over head, all Taliban elements, including re-inforcements are automatically spotted. In DH, the Taliban from the safe house must spot the hide unless the SR team are actively engaging targets with non suppressed weapons.

11. Movement on the hillsides are restricted to 3/6 in DH or Cautious in AA due the rocky ground.

12. Air support determination- roll 1D6;
1-2 Armed Predator mounting two Hellfire ATGMs
3-4 F-15/F-16/F-18/GR9 carrying two 1000 pound JDAMs and gunpods with enough ammunition for a single run
5- A-10 carrying two Maverick ATGMs and four 500 laser guided pound bombs and GAU-8 with enough ammunition for two runs
6- B1-B Lancer carrying six 500 pounder JDAMs and two 2000 pound JDAMs

Note that JDAMs add another +1 to the DH ACC roll in addition to the +1 from the JTAC using the SOFLAM laser marker. In AA add a +1 to the roll for type of damage from the FOW card.

US Base Forces
1x Four man Delta Special Reconnaissance team
Dressed in a mix of Afghan, mountaineering and US issue gear, the SR team carry 2x suppressed HK416 5.56mm carbines with Schmidt & Bender Short Dot scopes mounting M203 40mm grenade launchers (class 416 as per M16 in DH rather than M4 due to extended capabilities from the scopes), 1x suppressed Mk11 Mod1 7.62mm sniper rifle (class as per an M14/M21 in DH), 1x Mk48 Mod0 7.62mm light machine gun (class as M240 or GPMG) and all carry fragmentation and smoke grenades along with Glock 22 .40 pistols. All wear covert body armour (-2 AP in DH).

In DH- class as ACC 6, Guts 10 for TL and 8 for rest of team and CC of 7. In AA, class as Elite (D12) and High Morale (D12)

1x 24th Special Tactics Squadron (STS) JTAC- dressed as per the Delta team and carrying a suppressed M4A1 5.56mm carbine, an M9 Beretta 9mm pistol and fragmentation and smoke grenades. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, he carries both short range and satellite communications sets. He also wears covert armour. DH- ACC 5, CC 6 and Guts 8; AA Veteran (D10) and High Morale (D12)

US Reinforcements
2x Eight man Ranger QRF squads
All wear MICH helmets, Interceptor armour and ACU BDUs. They carry 4x M4A1 carbines, 2x M4A1 carbines mounting M203 grenade launchers and 2x Mk46 Mod0 5.56mm light machine guns. All carbines mount ACOG sights extending their game range to M16 equivilancy. The Rangers all carry fragmentation and smoke grenades and two per squad carry M136 anti armour rockets. DH- ACC 5, CC 6, Guts 9/7; AA Veteran (D10) and High Morale (D12)

1x Three man USAF STS team
Comprised of two Air Force Para Rescue Jumpers (highly trained rescue and medical specialists) and a JTAC to control air support, the STS team are all identically equipped to the Rangers and all carry M4A1 carbines. Stats as above.

2x MH47E Chinooks mounting 2x M134 miniguns and 1x M60

2x AH64D Apaches flying escorts mounting eight Hellfire ATGMs and two 70mm (2.75in.) unguided rocket pods

Taliban Base Forces
1x Three man Insurgent Command Cell
The local Emir, his 2IC and runner/batman. Emir carries an AKSU, the 2IC an AK47 with BG15 grenade launcher mounted and the runner has a lowly AK. Emir and 2IC are as per Taliban stats below but with Guts 10/9 respectively and High Morale (D12) in AA.

2x Eight man Insurgent Cells
Begin in the safe house. Armed with 6x AK47, 1x PKM, 1x RPG7. DH- ACC 4, CC 6, Guts 8/7; AA- Trained (D8) and Good Morale (D10)

1x Six man Insurgent Cell
Only six as the other two went outside to haggle the price of a goat for lunch :lol: Otherwise stats as above.

1x Two man Insurgent Gun Crew
Unseen by the SR team is the tripod of a DShK 12.7mm HMG on the roof of one of the compound buildings as it's hidden under a tarp. The HMG itself is stored in one of the buildings. It will take the gun crew a turn to move the DShK from concealment up to the roof and a second turn to mount the weapon and make it ready so on the third turn the gun can be in action. Stats again as per standard Taliban.

1x Three man Insurgent Mortar Team
As all others begins in the compound. Armed with 3x AK47 and a 50mm light mortar. Stats as per above. The third insurgent can act as a spotter (can move out of cohesion in AA but not DH).

1x Bomb Maker Close Protection Team
Six Taliban with as above stats to escort the bomb maker away or fight to defend him- all carry AKs

1 x The Bomb Maker
He carries an AKSU carbine and has slighly higher stats- in DH- ACC 5, CC 6, Guts 8; in AA- Veteran (D10) and High Morale (D12).

3x unarmed commercial SUVs

Taliban Reinforcements
As stated in Scenario Rules, roll for reinforcements as per point 8.

The Table
I will attempt to complete a basic map in time before the cut off date however if not, here's the terrain briefing;

Standard 8' x 6' table with compound dead centre and in the middle of a valley with hills on either side and the velley opening out at either end. Surrounding compond should be three to four smaller one story houses at least 6" away from the compound walls. Add some withered trees and clumps of dried out vegetation in the general area to provide some light cover. The three SUVs should be parked inside the compound. The SR team should deploy roughly opposite the compound high up on a hillside- minimum of 20" away from the compound wall- and it should be the tallest outcrop on the table. The team should be partway up the hill to allow Taliban reinforcements to arrive behind them. The rest of the valley floor should be pretty clear with some scattered rocks and vegetation.

Obviously I am gaming in The One True Scale :cool: so will restrict my comments to 20mm. Miniatures are available from Liberation for both sides- use the US Afghanistan SOF for the SR team and the MICH US for the Rangers- I used a bareheaded M249 gunner as the Delta Mk48 gunner and a scoped M4 as the Mk11 sniper rifle. Alternatively, make it a UK affair with the Afghanistan UKSF (SBS) as the SR element and SFSG as the QRF- you could use the MICH US again for these as the SFSG carry Diemaco C8s (M4 look-alikes) and wear the MICH helmet. You could also insert pretty much your nation of choice for this scenario- Australian SASR and 4RAR Commando, German KSK, French COS, Dutch KCT etc etc. Or indeed replace Delta with DEVGRU, SEALs or Army Special Forces ('Green Berets').

You are spoilt for choice for Taliban- Liberation does a large range of turbaned Afghans including specific Taliban packs as does Britannia and even the older Combat/Hotspur or Kelly's Heroes/Grubby mujahideen could be used at a pinch. The SUVs were cheap 1/72 Cararama. The compound is Britannia and the outlying buildings from Cresent Root although Hovels etc would work equally well :good: .
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Re: "Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

Postby Faustnik » 26 Oct 2008

Excellent scenario and without doubt, it will play into a very nice scenario.

I must try it someday... need to get some Talibans

Any chance of a sketchy tabletop - just some doodling will do


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Re: "Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

Postby SP> » 26 Oct 2008

very nicely done- my fave so far
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Re: "Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

Postby hakkaa päälle » 26 Oct 2008

L , nice work - u need to publish this one :-) . Sorry for no direct comms - my pc is down I'm currently on michelles blackberry :-( R.
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Re: "Sprint"- Eastern Afghanistan, 2007

Postby LSSAH » 04 Nov 2008

:good: :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: You're the boy :grin: Excellent job mate, Dougie.
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