'Allo Alley' - A WW2 Resistance Mod for Ambush Alley

'Allo Alley' - A WW2 Resistance Mod for Ambush Alley

Postby Piers » 10 Oct 2008

Coming soon...

Rene Le Choux crept closer to the railway line. He had been waiting in the bushes for over an hour till the dog patrol had passed him. Now it was time to get one back at the Boche. Rene crawled the last few yards over the railway ballast. He lay next to the large rail and reached into his jacket and pulled out five sticks of dynamite and a roll of detonating cable. He proceeded to lay the explosives along both sides of the rail and then attached the final stick to the railway sleeper. He then fixed the cord in place and began slowly retreating back to the bushes, playing out the cable as he went. Things were going better than he had expected. Perhaps for once this would be easy. Halfway between the railway line and the undergrowth, Rene was suddenly caught in the glare of a torch followed by a guttural ‘Halt’ command and the sound of a dog barking. Rene squinted at the bright light, rooted to the spot like a rabbit in headlights. Of all the nights for the Boche to change their patrol patterns, it would have to be tonight! Rene heard several safety catches click from the direction of the light, followed by a shout of ‘Hande Hoche’. Rene raised his hands. As he did so, Marchant opened fire from the bushes with the Bren gun…
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