Black Barnaby's Baubles

Black Barnaby's Baubles

Postby Sam Scott » 11 Sep 2008


This is a Pirate scenario for 4 players plus an umpire. The umpire will be responsible for running all non-player characters. This is not written for any particular rule-set, but any decent pairate skirmish set should do.

Black Barnaby's Baubles

Three Years Ago...

El Diablo del Mar

In the spring of 1720, you were members of the pirate band led by the fearsome Diablo del Mar, cutting a wide swath of blood and plunder across the Spanish Main. In one of your attacks, you were led by El Diablo’s first mate Black Barnaby on to the decks of an odd looking vessel heading in to Acapulco. The ship turned out to be a Chinese junk transporting an envoy from the Heavenly Kingdom on a diplomatic mission to the Viceroy of Mexico. After an unusually bloody fight, your weight of numbers overwhelmed the envoy and his bodyguards and you tossed their mangled bodies into the sea. In the hold of the vessel was a single small chest containing a fabulous treasure of white diamonds and black pearls called the Tears of Stone and Sea, a gift from the Chinese Emperor intended for the King of Spain. After the fight, El Diablo seized the chest as his own and kept it in his cabin under lock and key, violating the pirate code of sharing out all captured wealth. Over the next few months Black Barnaby held secret meetings with each of you promising wealth beyond your imaginations if you swore an oath of loyalty to him. One dark and stormy night, while El Diablo was on deck, you broke into his cabin, stole the chest and escaped in the ship’s jolly boat to the pirate haven of Costa Cojones. Black Barnaby soon had a ship of his own and was keenly making his own bloody reputation as a ruthless buccaneer. He promised to share out the contents of the chest to his loyal followers after three years. Until then he would keep the treasure in secret. He assured you all the jewels were as safe as a ship at anchor and the strength of ten men couldn’t get to them. However, disturbing rumors soon began to circulate the waterfront dives of the Spanish Main- rumors of the blood-curdling oath of vengeance that El Diablo had sworn against Black Barnaby and his followers. The story changed a little with each telling but it usually featured many small hooks, the consumption of your own body-parts and something involving jellyfish. One by one you left Black Barnaby and drifted away to form your own small bands of two-bit sea rovers with little success.

One Month Ago...

It is now 1723, and by chance you all ended up at your favorite pirate tavern, The Illgotten Booty. You were swapping stories of swashbuckling failure when Bilgewater Joe Scuggins, an old shipmate from your El Diablo days, came in and blurted out an amazing tale-
“Avast, maties, ‘twas three days ago Black Barnaby brought his ship the Madre Dios in to the port of Costa Cojones. The first night the whole crew comes ashore wenching and drinking- you know- pirate stuff. They goes back aboard in the early morning when the fog sets in. By mid-day the fog had cleared but Barnaby and his whole crew had disappeared. The Madre Dios still swings at her anchor but not a soul goes near her. I says she be haunted! HAUNTED!! OOOooooooooOOOOOoooooOOooo!!!” He goes on like this for a while until somebody knocks him out with a barstool.

All thoughts immediately turned to the hidden jewels and each of you quickly made excuses about suddenly needing to be elsewhere.


You gathered what pirate brethren you could and made your way down the coast to Costa Cojones. You have one objective: Find where Black Barnaby hid the Tears of Stone and Sea. Each party has a cryptic clue that will help them in their search, but it may not be enough. You know that you will probably have to work together with the other groups to find the treasure but each of you has the goal of keeping the treasure for yourself.

Player Characters:

Juan Tobago- You know that Black Barnaby’s former cabin boy Old Gimp is working as a shell sweeper in Juanita’s All-You-Can-Shuck Oyster Bar. If anyone has a clue as to where Barnaby hid the jewels, it would be him. Enter by boat.
Can roll for coins when:
• He drinks authentic Cuban rum, no substitute will do
• He throws a chair and hits someone not in his party

Jamaica Jim Widders- You know that Black Barnaby’s wife Havana Suzanna is the madam of the popular brothel the Pintle and Gudgeon. Maybe she can give you a clue as to the location of the treasure. Enter by the coast road.
Can roll for coins when:
• He dances to music
• He sets a priest on fire

Derek “Monkeyballs” Wylde- You know that in addition to being a blood-thirsty pirate, Barnaby was also a devout Catholic. You also know that Father Tipple, Barnaby’s confessor, is an incurable alcoholic. Maybe some good Barbados rum would loosen his lips. Enter over the dunes.
Can roll for coins when:
• He rides a goat
• He throws someone out an upper story window.

Reeking William Cutler- You know that the one man who knows anything there is to know in Costa Cojones is Balto van Dykheldar, general salvager, pawnshop owner and sometime grave robber. Maybe he can shed some light on recent events. Enter by boat.
Can roll for coins when:
• He shoots a chicken
• He changes his clothes

Each character starts with 6+1d6 buccaneer followers and 2d6 gold coins.

Gold Coins- Coins can be spent in the following ways:
• Add a +1 modifier to a die roll for each coin spent. There is no limit to the number of coins you can spend on one die roll and you can spend it on either your own roll or another player’s roll.
• You can recruit any figure (except for plot-related characters) in Costa Cojones to join your group by spending 2 coins and rolling 1d6. On anything but a 1, the figure becomes one of your followers. On a roll of one, the figure takes your coins and runs away.
• You can spend 2 coins to heal a wound on your character figure
• You will also need coins for normal activities such as purchasing spirituous liquors, acquiring the comforting company of certain ladies and bribery.

Non-Player Characters-

Old Gimp- 83 year old ex-cabin boy of Black Barnaby. Old Gimp will tell players that Black Barnaby entrusted the secret of the treasure to his cook Ramon Sanguinerra, but Ramon never knew it.

Havana Suzanna- widow of Black Barnaby. Suzanna will tell players that Black Barnaby had a diary that looked like a Bible. She thinks he may have written about the treasure in it. She doesn’t know where it is now.

Father Tipple- Barnaby’s confessor. If Father Tipple gets drunk enough, he will go on and on about what a touching scene it was when Black Barnaby put a Bible on the chest of his poor departed cook just before he was buried.

Ramon Sanguinerra- Barnaby’s dead cook. Ramon will not tell the players anything, 'cuz he's dead, see? In fact, when any one digs up his body they will find that his grave has already been robbed.

Balto van Dykheldar- the unofficial mayor of Costa Cojones. Balto will spin tales of mysterious foreigners who prowl the streets at night and a grisly string of mysterious murders where the victims were found strung up by their heels and disemboweled. A search of the wares of his shop will reveal Barnaby’s Bible/Diary. The diary shows that in the captain’s cabin of the Madre Dios there is a secret compartment containing Black Barnaby’s private logbook.

Order of the Whispering Chrysanthemum- 8 men. These are assassins sent by the Chinese Emperor to avenge the theft of the Tears of Stone and Sea. When the first group reaches the graveyard the Order will enter the harbor on a sampan and proceed to the docks. They will then split into two groups of 4 men. The groups will hunt through the town and engage the first pirates they see in melee. They will continue to fight until they are all killed. Members of the Order get a +1 in melee.

The Garrison of Costa Cojones- 10 men. Costa Cojones is not a choice assignment in the world of garrisons and in fact operates more as a catch pool for the alcoholic and mentally deranged. The garrison will attempt to maintain order, but not very hard. Members of the garrison get a -1 in melee. Players may be able to convince members of the garrison to join their groups.

The Townspeople of Costa Cojones- 15-20 figures. The townspeople are used to pirates and their ways and will tolerate a fair amount of mayhem. However, if things get too far out of hand a mob will form and attack any pirates in sight. If things are quiet for a while the mob will disperse.

Costa Cojones:
The little port of Costa Cojones is a jumble of grubby waterfront dives, with a crumbling fort overlooking the harbor and a decrepit and little-used church and a much more frequently used graveyard. Rambling wharves line the shore. The pirate ship Madre Dios rides at anchor in the center of the harbor. Various other craft are scattered around.

The Madre Dios:
A secret logbook is hidden in the captain’s cabin. No one will find it until they have read the diary hidden in Balto van Dykhelar’s shop. The logbook reveals that the treasure of the Tears of Stone and Sea are hidden in a hollow section of the ship’s anchor, currently at the bottom of the harbor. It will take 12 men to work the capstan to raise the anchor and retrieve the treasure.

If they look in the hold they will find the remains of Black Barnaby and his crew impaled in the bilges. Inscribed in stone tablets hanging from their necks are the words
(check it out, it’s a payback haiku!)

Raising the anchor will also open a scuttling hatch in the bilges that will sink the ship in 2 turns.


(images are illustrations by Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth)
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Re: Black Barnaby's Baubles

Postby Janick » 11 Sep 2008

now I'm gonna need some pirates.... :ugeek:
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Re: Black Barnaby's Baubles

Postby Michi » 12 Sep 2008

Wow, this is rather a roleplaying scenario! Absolutely my very taste - well done that man!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
The level of complexity and detail is amazing, you sure must have thought about it a couple of nights (maybe with a good sip of rum, did you? ;) ).
I am very pleased by the love you put in the characters and the whole story and background is a really nice read, worth to be sold to the gaming public.

:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

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Re: Black Barnaby's Baubles

Postby Hupp nicht » 13 Sep 2008

WOW I must agree with everything Michi said... GREAT job! :grin: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :good: :good: :clapping: :clapping: :shock: :shock:
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