Nice Lightweight Buildings

Nice Lightweight Buildings

Postby SABOT » 18 Oct 2017

Well worth a look. I ordered on Friday and received my factory today - great service.

The model is a really nice casting and looks even better in the flesh than on the web site. Their range is priced at a reasonable level and very good quality.

- Ziterdes Products


Review here:

Some useful stuff available ....
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Re: Nice Lightweight Buildings

Postby gebhk » 18 Oct 2017

Fabulous stuff. I never got any because I was told it was only available made up and painted/flocked and the style does not fit my tables. However it appears my information was incorrect, if the web site was anything to go by, so it looks my credit card may be getting a bashing soon. :beee:

Thanks Sabot.
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Re: Nice Lightweight Buildings

Postby 6mmfan » 21 Oct 2017

I painted some for a mate and they come up very well.
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