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Oosterbeek building refurb

Oosterbeek building refurb

Postby Ianwill » 21 Apr 2017


Playing an Oosterbeek game in September. I bought these buildings about ten years ago for a club Market Garden campaign. They are a bit tired and have suffered some damage. So I'm going to re-base and freshen them up a bit.



Rosa Klebb
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Re: Oosterbeek building refurb

Postby prussianhussaruk » 21 Apr 2017

Due to the museum being closed in Minden this morning, we are stopping off in Arnhem on the way back. Hoping to get to the Polish museum at Driel.

Probably best start my buildings when I get back.

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Re: Oosterbeek building refurb

Postby mausmann » 21 Apr 2017

Look forward to seeing these, ..... :thumbsup:
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Re: Oosterbeek building refurb

Postby nickoftime45 » 21 Apr 2017

I am enjoying your work and battle reports Ian thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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